Tudo sobre Columbus Ohio Sleep Doctor

Tudo sobre Columbus Ohio Sleep Doctor

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Don't drink alcohol or use some anti-anxiety medicines or sleeping pills. Alcohol, some anti-anxiety medicines and some sleeping pills can worsen obstructive sleep apnea and sleepiness.

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This feature makes BiPAP therapy a good choice for sleepers who have trouble exhaling into the stream of higher-pressure air coming from a CPAP machine.

Generally, a CPAP machine plugs into an outlet and sits next to a sleeper’s bed. A tube connects the machine to a mask that covers the sleeper’s mouth, nose, or both. Then, the CPAP machine blows air into the sleeper’s airway, which helps keep it open during sleep.

Have tried CPAP therapy but just cannot tolerate the machine, the noise, the mask, or the inconvenience of traveling with the CPAP machine?

Also referred to as upper airway stimulation, hypoglossal nerve stimulation is a newer treatment recommended for people who have moderate to severe OSA and cannot tolerate a PAP machine.

A sleep apnea dentist is a dental professional who specializes in treating patients who have sleep apnea.

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The sleep study can uncover leg movements during sleep, known as periodic limb movement disorder. Or the study can help evaluate people who have sudden bouts of sleep during the day, known as narcolepsy.

An oral device is placed on the teeth and is designed to keep the throat open by moving the tongue and lower jaw forward.

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Sleep Better Columbus provides effective and trustworthy sleep solutions to people in the Columbus, OH area. We promise to provide you with reliable and high-quality care, so that your experience is pleasant, and your needs are met.

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Adenoidectomy: Doctors may also be able to help clear the airway by removing the adenoids, glands found above the roof of the mouth. This surgery is most common in children with OSA, and it often occurs at the same time as tonsil removal.

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